The Webasto I have had in 2 different trucks now and as far as I am concerned it is the best after market piece of equipment I have ever owned, far surpassing the dollar value attatched to the install. In addition there is definitely something to be said for having a warm vehicle within 30 min at ANY temperature, not to mention the wear and tear that is not occuring on the engine, due to cold starts etc. I would also like to mention the cost savings on not having to idle a diesel constantly in the winter or plugging it in. I strongly believe the Webasto is definitely cutting down immensly on pollution incurred by idling vehicles.
- Derek Lemioer

The heater is a great product. Relatively easy to use. Saves on a lot of idling time (saves a lot of fuel versus leaving trucks run all night) Clean install. Remote option works good and is simple to use. With all the new emissions garbage on the new trucks it is a must for oilpatch diesels.
- Bryan Graham

Webasto - BlueHeat - Heaters

Commonly referred to as the Webasto Heater, Webasto's product BlueHeat offers a triple threat of engine protection, elimination of cold starts and fuel savings during the winter. Their website boasts that BlueHeat will warm up your vehicle without idling. When you are working in the north during a cold Canadian winter, a Webasto Heaters is more than a convenience. It is a necessity.

About the Webasto Air Heating System

The Webasto Heater is independent of the Vehicle's engine so it can be operated when the engine is on or off. It's design is compact so you can combine it easily with Bin and Rack conversions. It's water tight allowing it to be mounted outside your vehicle if necessary. Light in Weight and Low in Amperage drawn, you won't have to worry about it draining your battery on those cold winter nights.

It's fan is designed to be very quiet and reduce the build up of dust with a motor that'll last 6000+ hours. The newest version has improved it's air flow from 46 cfm to 55 cfm under normal conditions, an air flow improvement of 20%. Webasto Heaters feature a self cleaning mode that's activitated for 90 seconds after shut off. This ensures that excess fuel is burned off of the evaporative burner pad and limits wax and carbon build up.

Finally, the heaters are constantly monitoring heat so if a duct becomes blocked it will automatically reduce power. Webasto Heaters are even approved for up to a 20% Bio Diesel blend.

What this means for you

About Shocker Mechanical

Shocker Mechanical is the certified installer of Webasto Heaters in the Camrose area.


Available for the Thermo Top for Engine & Interior Heat as well as for the Air Top for Constant, Direct Heat.

Webasto Heater Remote Activation

Webasto Digital Timer

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